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The personal directory of Jarrell Lemos

Western Australia, 2022.

Although he was born in Melbourne, Jarrell spent his early childhood in Western Australia. When he was 8, he moved to a small hobby-farm in northern Tasmania and eventually moved to the city of Launceston to pursue grade 11 and 12 education. During that time, in 2017, he became a Christian, serving as a member at the Free Reformed Church of Launceston for four years. 

After he completed high school, Jarrell went on to undertake a University level education. He spent 1.5 years in an undergraduate Electrical Engineering degree, before changing direction and studying a Bachelor of Arts in order to prepare for a career in Christian ministry. During his time at university Jarrell was involved with the AFES campus Christian group. He completed this undergraduate degree in July 2022, graduating as a philosophy major.

In June 2021, Jarrell had the privilege of marrying his wife Leanna (Mulder) Lemos.  He remains thankful for the Mulder family who have been a blessing to him. Jarrell's direct family consists of his mum, dad, stepmother, and siblings whom he loves and adores dearly. His mum along with three younger siblings live in the North-East of Tasmania, while Jarrell's dad lives in Melbourne with his younger brother and stepmother.

In his free time, when he is not cooking, or with friends and family, you can often find Jarrell fishing and camping. Jarrell has always loved and played music and is most passionate about two rather nichè genres: Jazz and Hip-Hop. He enjoys writing, playing strategy board games (like Chess, Tak, and Hive), and reading fantasy novels. One of Jarrell's long-term projects is writing a fantasy/adventure novel, which he has been passionately undertaking for some time.

In August 2022, Jarrell and his wife moved to the other side of the world to Ontario, Canada, so that Jarrell could study a Masters of Divinity. His wife, Leanna, currently works at a Christian school in southern Ontario, while Jarrell undertakes his Master's Degree at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary Both he and his wife attend the Canadian Reformed Church of Ancaster.

It is Jarrell's deepest desire to advance God's Kingdom by becoming a Preacher of God's Word in the Reformed faith.

It is Jarrell's hope that this site can be a place where you can stay up to date with his content and journey.

Soli deo Gloria.